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Boost Agri

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The Boost Agro ensures that the temperature in the silage remains low. It also makes slurry homogeneous and reduces foam on the manure.

Operation Boost Agro

The Boost Agro system works on the basis of ionization. The system can be used in two different ways: as a scalding inhibitor and as a manure foam inhibitor. The system consists of an anchor, cable, boost unit and activator. The boost unit contains a liquid that inhibits or enhances natural chemical processes without consuming itself (catalyst). A battery or mains voltage supplies power, this is your choice. A specially insulated cable connects the boost unit to a so-called anchor that is placed in the pit or in the manure.

As a growth inhibitor

The system ensures that the temperature in the pit remains low. As a result, the process slows down self-heating, even in warm weather and low feed speed. The scalding inhibitor works on the basis of ionization. Thanks to the system, no additives are needed in the pit. The catalytic converter is easy to install and can be used again and again.

As a manure foam inhibitor

The system ensures that foam disappears into the manure pit or manure storage and makes manure homogeneous. This means that the manure storage can be used in its entirety. It is less often necessary to mix the manure and mixing costs less power. It is also less often necessary to remove manure, because the manure pit is less full.

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