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Each rotor comes with a Rotor-Disc Guard to ensure that you will never touch the inside of your air filter and damage the rotor or your air filter.  Just one more way the Filter Blaster has been designed to never damage your air filters.

The Portable Unit is designed to be taken directly into the field or on the road as a portable air filter cleaner for diesel engine air filters or any piece of equipment with a canister style filter. The Portable Unit can also be used as a dedicated tool on a single piece of movable equipment that has a diesel engine or a canister style filter.  The Filter Blaster utilizes patented technology to clean your diesel or canister style filter quickly, effectively but most importantly SAFELY!!

The standard Portable Unit comes conveniently packed in a secure and durable carrying case along with the 6″ rotor head. Each case has slots to accommodate all of our different sized rotors that are sold separately as optional rotors so you can build your kit with only the rotors that you need to clean your filters. The standard Portable Unit will all diesel engine air filters or any other canister style filters up to 25 inches tall. 3″, 4.5″ and 9″ rotors are available but are sold separately.

The Portable Unit can be taken directly to the field to clean your diesel filters or any other canister style filters and only requires a compressor with 90 PSI capabilities!

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