Air Filter Blaster Air Filter Cleaner

Air Filter Cleaner

Air Filter Cleaner

The Air Filter Blaster Air Filter Cleaner cleans air filters quickly and well.

Filter Reiniger met Dustkeeper
Air Filter Blaster Air Filter Cleaner

Clean air filters that last longer

By using the Air Filter Blaster filters in equipment, machines and installations need to be replaced less often. Clean air filters create a healthier living environment in buildings. The Air Filter Blaster also reduces the fuel consumption of internal combustion engines.

Filter reiniger en Dutst
Luchtfilter reiniger in industrie

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Air Filter Cleaner


The spinning rotor of the Air Filter Blaster creates equal vibrations. This releases dust and dirt particles. The fast rotating rotor has four outlets. These vents blow in different directions. The rotor blows out the dust from the inside of the air filter. By moving the tube up and down, the entire surface of the filter is cleaned. As a result, filters are quickly clean again.


The Air Filter Blaster can optionally be delivered in a sturdy case , making it easy to carry. The Air Filter Blaster comes standard with a 25 mm nozzle or a 75, 115, 150 or 230 mm rotor . It is also possible to have a tailor-made rotor. Only a compressor is required for operation


  • Waste processing & recycling industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Mineral processing

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Industrial production

  • Agriculture

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Mining

  • Paper processing industry

  • Food & Beverage Production


  • Healthier living environment in buildings thanks to clean filters

  • Clean filters that last longer

  • Easy and fast to use

  • Blows dust from the inside out

  • Saves costs and pays for itself quickly

  • Increased engine performance thanks to more power

  • Prevents damage and extends engine and turbo life

  • Fewer repairs needed

  • Less fuel consumption
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