Air Filter Blaster Air Filter Cleaner

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The Air Filter Blaster Air Filter Cleaner cleans air filters quickly and well. By using an air filter cleaner, filters in equipment, machines and installations have to be replaced less often. The air filter cleaner saves costs and the system quickly pays for itself.

Dust is not only harmful to humans, but it is also harmful to the environment. Clean air filters ensure a healthier living environment in buildings. In addition, clean air filters provide better extraction at machines and reduce the fuel consumption of combustion engines. Engine performance increases and damage is less frequent. It also extends the life of the engine and turbo.

Operation Air Filter Blaster

The Air Filter Blaster is easy and quick to use. The air filter cleaner consists of a conical cover, a tube, a guide disc and a rotor. The conical lid fits almost all sizes of round air filters. A compressed air hose is connected to the pipe with a quick coupling. A rotor (of 75, 115, 150 or 230 mm) can be attached to the bottom of the tube. The fast-spinning, vibrating rotor has four outlets that blow in different directions. This releases dust and dirt particles. The rotor blows the dust from the inside out. Moving the tube up and down cleans the entire surface of the filter.

Version Air Filter Blaster

The Air Filter Blaster can optionally be delivered in a sturdy case , making it easy to carry. The Air Filter Blaster comes standard with a 25 mm nozzle or a 75, 115, 150 or 230 mm rotor . It is also possible to have a tailor-made rotor. Only a compressor is required for use.

The Complete Armadis Air Filter Cleaning System

The Air Filter Blaster including nozzle or rotor can be used separately, but the air filter cleaner works even better with the Dustkeeper and the Cyclone Filter Unit. In this complete Armadis Air Filter Cleaning System, the air filter cleaner blows the dust out of the air filter and the Dustkeeper collects the dust. The Cyclone Filter Unit then removes the dust from the airflow so that it does not enter the vacuum cleaner. For cleaning smaller air filters or for use directly in the field, there is also the Filter Blaster Mini Air Filter Cleaner.