Silage pit earth mover

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The Armadis Silage pit earth mover moves the sand on your silage pit quickly and easily. A good spread of sand on the silage pit counteracts heating and the feed quality is guaranteed.


The Silage pit earth mover has a hydraulic, rotatable, galvanized steel shield with a round tube that pushes the sand forward on the silage pit. The tube glides effortlessly over the plastic without damaging it. This increases the pressure on the transition from the plastic to the sand. Air also has no chance to penetrate, so that the silage is better protected against heating. The robust hydraulic cylinder rotates the shield accurately in any desired position. This makes it easy to reach all contours of the pit, even the sides. The pivot point is equipped with heavy tapered roller bearings that can transfer large forces.

Versions Armadis Silage pit earth mover


All Armadis Silage pit earth mover are fitted with a galvanized shield with a round tube all around. The shield is bolted to the flange of the pivot, so that it can be easily dismantled and rotated 180°. The KSUA and KSPL models are equipped with heavy-duty tapered roller bearings that can be adjusted. As a result, these Silage pit earth mover are used in combination with wheel loaders up to 18 tons.

Universal connection KSXS / KSUA

The adapter plates are connected to the strong frame by means of a bolt connection and can be quickly exchanged without grinding and welding. The KSXS model can be supplied without a hydraulic cylinder on request. Due to its low weight, this machine is also suitable for mini wheel loaders of 1.5 tons.

Pallet fork connection KSPL

The pallet forks of the tractor, front loader, wheel loader or telescopic handler can be slid directly into the tubes of the machine. By sliding pins behind the forks, they are locked.

Linkage Universal Universal Pallet fork
Weight approx. 400 kg. from 240 kg. approx. 370 kg.
Working width 140cm. 120cm. 140cm.
Length 175 cm. 200cm. 240 cm.
Shield revolving Hydraulic Hydraulic / – Hydraulic
Hydraulic connection Nipple ½” Nipple ½” / – Nipple ½”

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