Cyclone Filter Unit

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The Cyclone Filter Unit is an important part of the Armadis Air Filter Cleaning System . It stores the dust released during the cleaning of air filters and other parts.

Working method Cyclone Filter unit

The Cyclone Filter Unit consists of a cyclone filter mounted on top of a vessel. The hose of a vacuum cleaner is placed at the top. On the tube on the side comes the hose that is connected to the Dust Keeper . The vacuum cleaner sucks up the dust that is released during the cleaning of air filters. The cyclone removes the dust from the air stream by centrifugal force. This causes dust to settle in the vessel. By placing a paper bag in the drum, the dust is removed quickly. This saves vacuum cleaner bags and extends the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Version Cyclone Filter unit

The standard version consists of a cyclone filter and a vessel. Inside the barrel comes the paper bag to store the dust.

The Complete Armadis Air Filter Cleaning System

The Cyclone Filter Unit can be used separately to store dust, but this works even better together with the Air Filter Blaster and the Dust Keeper . In this complete Armadis Air Filter Cleaning System, the Air Filter Blaster air filter cleaner blows the dust out of the air filter and the Dust Keeper collects the dust. The Cyclone Filter Unit then removes the dust from the airflow so that it does not enter the vacuum cleaner. For cleaning smaller air filters or for use directly in the field, there is also the Filter Blaster Mini Air Filter Cleaner.

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