Dust Keeper

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The Dust Keeper is an important part of the Armadis Air Filter Cleaning System. It ensures that the released dust is properly and quickly collected during the cleaning of air filters. This is done in a good way for people and the environment.


The Dust Keeper consists of a transparent cylindrical tube placed above a funnel. There is a grid in the funnel on which the air filters or parts are blown clean by, for example, an air filter cleaner. At the bottom of the funnel, a vacuum cleaner extracts the dust. The Dust Keeper collects the dust that is released during cleaning. It is possible to place another Armadis Cyclone Filter Unit between the funnel and the vacuum cleaner, which stores the dust so that it does not end up directly in the vacuum cleaner.

Execution Dust Keeper

There are two different versions, a steel version and a plastic version. These can be supplied in different sizes.

The Complete Armadis Air Filter Cleaning System

The Dust Keeper can be used separately to collect dust, but this works even better together with the Air Filter Blaster and the Cyclone Filter Unit. In this complete Armadis Air Filter Cleaning System, the Air Filter Blaster air filter cleaner blows the dust out of the air filter and the Dustkeeper collects the dust. The Cyclone Filter Unit then removes the dust from the airflow so that it does not enter the vacuum cleaner. For cleaning smaller air filters or for use directly in the field, there is also the Filter Blaster Mini Air Filter Cleaner.

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