Silage compaction roller

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The Armadis Silage Compaction Roller drives over the silage with heavy wheels. This creates optimal compaction of the silage and prevents overheating. It is also possible to store more material per m2.


The silage compaction roller consists of heavy 13 cm wide wheels with a diameter of 90 cm. The wheels can turn independently of each other for good maneuverability. As a result, the compacted material is not loosened again. Because the weight of the roller presses on the silage, the oxygen is pushed out. A uniform high compaction of the silage is created. Because the machine has no side frame, even the outermost silage edge or wall can be compacted. Even in narrow pits where it is no longer possible to drive wheel to wheel, the middle part is also well compacted. Thanks to the short processing time, air has no chance to penetrate. The silage is also better protected against heating.

Silage compaction roller versions

The silage compaction roller has a support leg and is available in various widths. Below is an overview of the widths.

AS-150 AS-210 AS-260 AS-300 Eco AS-300 AS-320 AS-350
Linkage 3-p cat III cat III cat III cat III cat III cat III cat III
Weight (kg) 2.000 2.700 3.800 3.900 4.300 4.500 5.000
Working width (cm) 160 210 260 300 300 320 350
Length (cm) 125 125 125 125 125 125 125
Height (cm) 150 150 150 150 150 150 150
Diameter wheels (cm) Ø 90 Ø 90 Ø 90 Ø 90 Ø 90 Ø 90 Ø 90
The number of wheels 5 7 9 9 11 11 13
Relief option option option option option option option

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